Art for Amnesty: LA

This weekend in LA:

Art for Amnesty brings a week of arts activism to Los Angeles. The goal: harness the creative power of the arts to inspire 10,000 actions on behalf of Write for Rights.

Art For Rights, hosted in the world famous Container Yard in Downtown Los Angeles, will see the creation of 12 original murals, the curation of a provocative installation on the current refugee crisis, a high profile visual arts competition hosted by Secret Walls, and a series of curated discussions around human rights and the arts.

Art For Rights is free of charge. We invite you to engage with the art, learn about our human rights work & take action.

The exhibition is curated by Art For Amnesty’s Creative Director, Marvin Bing.

At The Underground Museum, 12/8/16

At The Underground Museum, 12/8/16

For the full list of events, visit:


Igniting a Cultural Resistance

Join for the next Artivist gathering:

December 6th 7:00-9:00PM
The Unique Space (it's in the Arts District)
1275 E 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90021

From Yosi Sergent: 

We'd love to have a short performance (if you know anyone who wants to sing us a song, let us know)

Tim Molina from the Courage Campaign will present their well thought out Courageous Resistance strategy that they launched last week.

We’ll break into groups to plan how we, as Artivists, can best support their efforts. 

We'll have a table set up where you can pledge to #BeTheChange you wish to see in the world

We're looking for two people who can help with clean up at the end of the night. Let us know if you can help!

We’ve formed a steering committee: Brynne, Cristina, Leda, Yosi, Sean Patrick and Brandon.  Let us know if you want to join us. We have been and will continue to interface with groups who are organizing nationally and locally.

We have a private Facebook group. If you want to be added, let us know.


Big thanks to Lynette who took care of the kids last week. Any dads out there want to take a turn? Let Leda know at

Pizza Fund:

We added a tab on the Artivists Into Action Google doc that shows all the funds we’ve collected and all that’s been spent. We’ll need to find a way to raise money to pay for the pizza, beer, chairs and stage managers moving forward.